Friday, 27 September 2013

Hamingbird Algorithm Update by Google

It was revealed by Google that a new algorithm update was rolled out a month ago which is named as "Hummingbird algorithm". This update is introduced on the birthday of Google on Friday 27 Sep. This algorithm will give better search result for complex long term queries. 'Hamingbird algorithm' has affected 90 percent of search engine results till now. This algorithm is given according to the future searches by users.

Google is focusing on the relevancy basically as this algorithm is also been rolled out keeping this in mind. Now Google will give a better result for the long term search queries and questions. When any user searches on search engine they need all the search results according to their search. For this purpose the search engines needs to be more specific to the searches. So the complex terms or the long term search queries are the main focus this time to maintain the natural search result by Google. Basically it wants to be more user and SEO friendly.

The webmasters all over the globe were not aware of this update at all. It was announced on the ocassion of Google's 15th birthday by Google Search SVP Amit Singhal. He reports that "the Knowledge Graph is now better prepared to answer more questions even when there’s no simple answer". Now all the SEO experts and the webmasters needs to work according to the latest updates by Google, if they want to increase the rankings of their websites.

Now the webmasters and SEO experts have to change their strategy to be on the top of the search results. We can imagine that how this update can affect our site as Hamingbird has affected 90 percent of SERP till today. Lets see how the SEO and Social Media experts change their techniques and how they will survive from such kind of Google Updates.

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