Thursday, 26 September 2013

LinkedIn Networking It outlines 64 powerful tactics

Notice how much LinkedIn has changed this year?  It’s practically an entirely new social network.

How can you make sure you’re profiting from their latest changes to build a profitable network?  Study the Ultimate Guide to Profitable LinkedIn Networking infographic.

It outlines 64 powerful tactics in eight categories; use it as a menu to pick and choose the ones the suit you & your business.

                      The Ultimate Guide to Profitable LinkedIn Networking [Infographic]


1. Use headshot photo, not your logo
2. Write headline with keywords
3.  Claim your custom LI URL
4.  Add multimedia to your Gallery
5.  Get 2+ recommendations
6.  Connect with people who view your profile
7.  Add links for calls-to-action
8.  Customize contact info with CTA

Company Page

 9.   Build robust company page
10.  Add your products/services
11.  Add video for each product
12.  Include deep descriptions
13.  Get recommendations for each product/service
14.  Post updates from company
15.  Link to product pages
16.  Mine Insights for follower info


17.  Search for sales leads
18.  Find college alumni
19.  Search employees by company
20.  Filter results geographically
21.  Save searches & have LinkedIn email results weekly
22.  Save up to 3 searches
23.  Search Groups & Companies
24.  Search for jobs by industry


25.  Include multimedia on profile page
26.  Any section can have a gallery
27.  Add photos, videos, PDFs
28.  Insert links in gallery descriptions
29.  Create 30 sec welcome video for LinkedIn
30.  Write actionable gallery titles
31.  Include CTA  in descriptions
32.  Send to landing page for optin 


33.  #1 Rule: Engage, don’t broadcast
34.  Ask colleagues for groups they use
35.  Review group content before joining
36.  Are connections group members?
37.  Introduce yourself once joined
38.  Initiate & participate in discussions
39.  Increases visibility in LinkedIn & traffic to your website


40.  Great place to ask questions
41.  Quality connections are paramount
42.  Start w/colleagues, alumni
43.  Expand to clients, vendors
44.  Include past employers
45.  Add mentors, professors
46.  Invite leads found via search
47.  Connect w/industry experts
48.  Identify super connectors


49.  One-click credibility
50.  Add skills to your profile first
51.  News Feed shows latest
52.  No opportunity for detail
53.  Email notifications for new
54.  Endorse top colleagues
55.  Endorse wisely, ethically
56.  Recommendations allow detail, while endorsements are quick & lite


57.  Recommendations set you apart as trustworthy
58.  Ask for recommendations from clients
59.  Provide recommendations consistently
60.  Be specific when writing recommendations
61.  Only LinkedIn users can provide recommendations
62.  Strengthens client relationships
63.  Create system of asking for recommendations
64.  Provides details missing from endorsements 

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